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We are a kart track for those that have their own karts.  We have kart races on Saturday nights at 4:30 for several different classes, 2-cycle and 4-cycle, track opens at 2:00 for practice.  Anyone with their own kart that fits one of our classes is welcome to come and race.  The track is available during the week and on Sundays for practice, please call ahead to let us know when you would like to come so we can meet you at the track to sign you in.  Please call with any questions you might have 563-659-8900.  

And we no longer have rental karts.

What's up next:


OPEN HOUSE & SWAP MEET - May 2nd 12-5

RACE #1 - May 9th

RACE #2 - May 16th

RACE #3 - May 30th

RACE #4 - June 6th

RACE #5 - June 20th

RACE #6 - July 18th


The Latest at 61 Kartway

4/16/15 : 4 Cycle Fuel

The fuel that is required for all 4 cycle classes will be

non ethanol 87 octane from any Kwik Star gas stations.  

This is subject to change if we find that there is too much variation between fuels.  


3/29/15 : Changes for 2015

The weights for Sr. Supercan will be 360lbs. and 

Sr. LO 206 will be 400lbs.

Tire options for ALL classes - Bridgestone YLC, Hoosier R60, Vega blue, Maxxis SLR and MG yellow.  Yamaha Rookie and Jr. Sportsman can also run MG red.  We are still working the fuel rule for the LO206 classes.


3/29/15 : Mini GP Motorcycles

On May 9th the Wisconsin Mini Racing League will also be taking part in the races.  It will be a great time to check out something new. 


2/6/15 : Racing plans

What's everyone planning on for this up coming season? We'd love to know and so would many others. We have people calling and emailing asking us who is doing what this year and we want to tell them. So feel free to email us or post on Facebook what your plans are, we'd appreciate it.






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