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4/11/14 : Garage stalls

There are a few garage stalls left for rent.  For $450 you get a 10x10 stall with electricity.  They make a great place to store your kart and tools so you don't have to haul them back and forth to the track. If interested please call 563-659-8900


4/11/14 :  Open for the season

The track is now open for practice. Please call the track to make arrangements to come and practice, 563-659-8900. 


3/29/14 : Getting closer

We are almost ready to open the track for practice. We will post on Facebook and the website when we are open for the season.


1/30/14 : LO206 

If you are interested in learning about or purchasing a

Briggs & Stratton LO206 you want to checkout or call Jim at 902-207-9180, he is located in Elkhart Lake, WI.  Or you can go to or call Tyler at 309-781-9007, he is located in Orion, IL


1/27/14: Clone Open

The motor must be stock appearing.  Flywheel must follow Clone rules, Minimum weight 380lbs., Open tire rule and there is NO TECH for this class.


1/27/14: CLASSES

The CLASSES page has been updated. Please remember in order for us to run the class there needs to be at least 3 drivers on race day.


1/17/14 : Additions & Changes for 2014

We are adding 2 new classes

- Briggs & Stratton LO206 (15 & older). WKA rules

- Clone Open (15 & older). Minimum weight of 380lbs.

Rules TBA


Clone class changes 

- Jr. 1 Clone, Jr. 2 Clone and Clone must Bridgestone YLC tires,

which means NO 6 inch rims.

- Clone Light & Heavy are being combined to 1 class, minimum weight of 380lbs.


1/17/14 : 2014 Race Season

We have released the race schedule for the 2014 race season.


12/3/13 : FREE TIRES  

  We have a lot of used tired that need to go. If you are interested in some free tires please contact us by the 15th. You can send an email right from the website, or you can call us at 563-659-8900.


10/29/13 : Banquet raffle prizes


The raffle prizes are starting to come in for the banquet. So far we have certificates from Kartland, Margay, RLV, Triple E, t-shirts from Max Torque, a MyChron 4 and there is more to come.


10/24/13 : 2013 Awards Banquet


Our 2013 awards banquet is Friday the 15th of November at Buzzy's in Welton.  Doors open at 6:00, dinner at 7:00 and awards and raffle prizes at 8:00






9/5/13 : Kid Karts


Kid Kart races for this Saturday the 7th will be racing on the full track as long as there are more than 4 karts in the class. Track opens at 1:00 for practice. And practice is important for them, please take advantage of it. See ya on Saturday.


8/27/13 : Closed this weekend


 We will be closed this weekend so we can take part in the Rock Island Grand Prix.  It is one of a few street races that are left. People come from all over to race on the streets of the District. It is a great time. Click here to get more information about the event. 




8/23/13 : EMT


We are looking for an EMT for Saturday the 14th of September from 4:30-9:30.  We pay $10.00 an hour.  If you are interested or know of someone that would be, please contact us at 563-659-8900 



8/18/13 : Kid Karts


This coming Saturday the 24th the kid karts will be racing on the full track.  We would strongly encourage that they get some practice time prior to Saturday, if at all possible.  The track is avaliable all week.  Please call ahead to let us know when you would like to practice.


7/25/13 : PHOTOS

We have added a photos page to the website.  We enjoy seeing the photos that people take of their drivers racing at the track.  If you have photos that you would love to share please email them to 



7/25/13 : Thanks to all

We want to thank everyone for coming to the track yesterday to celebrate Kristin. We had a great turnout, she would have been proud. We would also like to thank Max Torque, Rock Island Grand Prix, L&T, Triple E, Water Park Car Wash, Margay, Kevin Williams Racing, Kartland Sales and Evans Carb. for their donations to our event. And all of the awesome food was a wonderful way to end the night. Thanks again to everyone.


7/14/13 : The 20th

The track will open at 11:00 for practice and the races start at 2:00. Everyone is invited to stay and eat after the races, we ask that you bring a dish to share.


7/9/13 : Prizes for KHMR

Here are some of the prizes that we have so far. 1 free entry to the Rock Island Grand Prix, Free labor on a rebuild of a Yamaha by Triple E, Max Torque Clutch and an Evans Carburetor.



6/28/13 : KHMR Update

We are very excited for the KHMR (Kristin Hanrahan Memorial Race) on July 20th. So far there is $1500 in prizes to win that day for the Clone Heavy and Sr. Supercan classes. We have made one adjustment to the race. Like we stated in our last post we have always run the track in reverse that weekend but we have decided to make it a STANDARD/DRAW race. We feel that this will encourage more racers to get involved in this event. Remember the races start at 2:00 that day.



6/23/13 : Kristin Hanranhan Memorial Race

For the past 7 years on the 3rd Saturday of July we have had a hog roast and the races run the track in reverse. This year we are changing it up a little. Instead of a hog roast we will be having our 1st race in memory of Kristin Hanrahan. She was a sweet girl that worked at the track for a few years and she was thought of like family, unfortunately she was taken from us to soon.  In honor of Kristin on July 20th, 2013 we will continue to run the races in reverse with the addition of 2 classes, Clone Heavy and  Sr. Supercan, racing for prizes. The track will supply the meat and we ask all that come to the track that day to bring a dish to share and stay and enjoy dinner with everyone. Mark your calendars the races start at 2:00 pm that day. If the races get rained out that Saturday we will hold them the races the following day, Sunday the 21st. Please spread the word to help us make this day a day we all remember Kristin and her love for the track.



6/21/13 : Kid Karts

We are wanting to get the word out to anyone that has a son or daughter that races in the Kid Kart class that we have 2 different classes for them to run in. We have a class for those that have a Comer 51 and we have a class for those that have a LO 206. The LO 206 is new to our track. We would love to see more of them. We follow WKA rules for this class. Feel free to contact us if there are any questions.



6/8/13 : Food Vendor

If anyone knows of anyone that would be interested in selling food at the track please give them our number, 563-659-8900. Our races are on Saturday evenings and we have 12 races left for the season.



5/9/13 : Practice at the Facility

Due to the change in structure at the track and the ending of the rental kart program, it is imperative that you call ahead to ensure someone is at the track to check you in. If you arrive to practice without calling ahead and there is not someone to check you in, you may end up not being able to enter the track.

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Rental Karts are NO longer available.

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