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Over one half mile of twists, turns, chicanes, sweepers and intense elevation changes. No gentle rises here - this track is designed with the driver in mind and will test the tuning ability of most any good pit boss. Even the oval sits on a 25 foot elevation change. The left hander at the end of the long straight? It's a 45 foot uphill change in only 100 foot of driving distance. It's earned the nickname "Money Maker". After passing through the right handed "Horseshoe" you dive into the big sweeper the farthest point from the pits. It is affectionately known as the "Toilet Bowl". A 35 foot drop to the bottom, with a 50 foot rise back to the top. Next to no banking as you go through with the pedal hammered down.  And the final left hander before heading to the white finish line? Bring your best passing skills, nerves of steel, and a true knowledge of driving lines and owning the inside line.

Combine that with a lighting system specifically engineered for our track for incredible night time racing. Throw in the best and most consistent weigh scale you'll find at any track. A MYLAPS timing system, radio and PA broadcasting, an oversized hot pit with 2 grids for lineups, and a huge pit area. And the final factor: one of the best staffs you'll ever experience racing with.

All of that, with a strict adherence to WKA rules, and a friendly club atmosphere. We put the fun back in racing, and the track will put the skill in your driving and tuning ability!

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1578 Hwy 61

Delmar, IA 52037



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