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We are a kart track for those that have their own karts.  We have kart races on Sundays at 1:00 for several different classes, 2-cycle and 4-cycle, track opens at 10:00 for practice.  Anyone with their own kart that fits one of our classes is welcome to come and race.  The track is available during the week and on Sundays for practice, please call ahead to let us know when you would like to come so we can meet you at the track to sign you in.  Please call with any questions you might have 563-659-8900.  

And we no longer have rental karts.

What's up next:


4/13/19 : NO RACES

No races today because of weather.  Will have a double feature on the 28th. Details to come. 


November 16th - Awards Banquet at Buzzy's


10/11/18 : Fuel for Fall Challenge 

Fuel for all 206 classes need to run 87 octane from Kwik Star. Please sure you have what you need. The track will not being selling fuel at the track on Sunday.



7/20/18 : Margay Ignite Race

Registeration opens at 10:30

Open practice starts at 11:00

Lunch cookout at 12:00

Drivers meeting at 4:30

Practice by class at 5:00

Qualifying starts at 6:30


6/20/18 : FUEL

We now have fuel for all 206 classes at the track. 

All 206 classes need to run the fuel we sell.


6\13\18 : CKNA

Here is the schedule for this weekend CKNA races

Track opens at 2:00
Practice 3:00 - 9:00
Pre-tech 3:00 - 7:00

Track opens at 11:00
Pre-tech 12:00 - 1:30
Registration 12:00 - 2:00
Practice Round 1 - 1:30
Practice Round 2 - 2:20
Practice Round 3 - 3:10
Drivers meeting / Door prizes 4:30
RLV Fastest Lap Qualifying 5:00
Heats Round 1 - 6:00
Heats Round 2 - 7:30
Features - 9:00
NORAM Awards Podium - 10:30

Track opens at 9:00
Practice - 9:00
RLV Fastest Lap Qualifying - 10:00
Heats Round 1 - 11:00
Heats Round 2 - 12:30
Features- 2:00
NORAM Awards Podium - 4:00

*all times are subject to change.


3\2\18 : Winter Meeting

We will be meeting at Buzzy's in Welton tonight at 6. Come for dinner and visit with friends. We will start discussing the upcoming season at 7. We hope you are you all there.


1\29\18 : Open House

This year we will start off our season with an open house and free practice on April 15th from 11-4. And if you have any karting items that you are wanting to sell, bring them that day, people are always looking for a good deal. 



10\10\17 : Margay Ignite Challenge

Saturday October 21st

Registration opens at 8:30

Practice by classes at 10:00

The Ignite Challenge will serve as the next level of competition for local Ignite competitors all around the Midwest, allowing them to race against new competition at some of the most prestigious karting tracks in the country. Racers will be able to take the same Ignite K3 package they run on a weekly basis to new tracks without the hassle of changing weights, tires or slides. Each Ignite track enforces the same 2017 rules package, ensuring that racers can load up the trailer and hit the track with ease.


Each event will have official practice sessions followed by qualifying, prefinal and final. Racers traveling to each event will have the opportunity to run additional practice before the action begins at the specified times.  The entry fee for each event will be $70, which will include each facilities standard weekly entry fee. Transponders will be available for rent through each track. 


10\10\17 : 61 Fall Challenge

Sunday October 15th

Time schedule for the day:
Gates open at 8:30
Registration opens at 9:00
Practice order 2 rounds 8 minute session
1-Kid kart 10:00 and 11:20
2-Yamaha Jr. Sportsman 10:08 and 11:28
3-Vintage 1  10:16 and 11:36
4-Sr. 206 medium 10:24 and 11:44
5-Jr. 1 206 10:32 and 11:52
6-Vintage 2  10:40 and 12:00
7-Sr. Supercan 10:48 and 12:08
8-Jr. Supercan 10:56 and 12:16
9-Jr. 2 206  11:04 and 12:24
10-Sr. 206 heavy 11:13 and 12:32




There is a cash prizes for all classes and for the senior 206 heavy it is a guaranteed purse $500 for first, $300 for second, and $200 for third with other prizes throughout


8\11\17 : Gearheads Car Show

August 26th at 6

Just like last time! Cars will be parked on the infield leaving the track open for cars to cruise around and check out the track. (no racing please) also makes for awesome photo opportunities with your car on a race track! We're starting the cruise night a little later this time so you'll have the chance to do this under the lights of the race track!


7/11/17 : KHMR

Join us this Sunday at 1:00 for the Kristin Hanrahan Memorial Race. We will be having a cookout after the races. Everyone is welcome. We will provide the meat and we just ask you bring a dish to share. 


4/21/17 : Sunday Races

We are looking forward to the 2017 race season.

This season our races will be on Sundays.

Track opens for practice at 10:30 and races start at 1:00.



1578 Hwy 61

Delmar, IA 52037





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